How to Develop Article Directory/submission Website with Joomla like Ezenarticles?

The main purpose of an article directory or in other words an article submission website is to allow bloggers, content writers, freelance writers, journalist, authors and anyone in general, to submit his/her article to the website. In the recent past, we have seen websites like ezinearticles, articlebase, associated content growing phenomenally huge and attracting thousands of writers, and thereby receiving millions of pages-views and revenues. So if you too, want to develop a website with almost all the features that are currently available in any of the above mentioned websites, then probably Joomla would be the best choice for you. Some of the most essential requirements of a website like this are:


1. Registration of New Users
2. Email verification of registered users
3. Login of existing users
4. User control panel
5. A simple framework for allowing users to submit their contents.
6. Framework for enabling users to adding image and multi-media to their contents.
7. Content Moderation by Content Managers.
8. Publishing of approved contents.
9. The writers or authors should be able to manage their articles from the control panel.
10. Revenue sharing program. (optional)
11. Comment system below your article.
12. And etc.

How to develop it with Joomla?

Well, Joomla is the most powerful content management system of the world. Many webmasters regard Joomla as the mighty CMS via which one could eventually develop anything. Mainly Joomla is used in two formats (a) Default Joomla (b) Extended Joomla. For developing a robust article directory, you need to add various extensions to your default Joomla, which will ultimately convert it to Extended Joomla. Some of the most popular extensions that could help you to provide the above mentioned features in your website are (a) K2 -The powerful content component for Joomla! (b) Article Factory Manager (c) Azul My Blog Component.

K2 -The powerful content component for Joomla!

K2 is an award winning, and perhaps one of the most powerful components ever developed for managing Joomla contents. I used K2, in almost all my Joomla websites and let me tell you that, it rocks. Well, K2 includes each and every feature for letting your visitors to submit their articles. Below each article it automatically displays the author information, author thumbnail picture, number of content hits and etc. To the best of my knowledge, it appears to me that if, you want to develop a website like ezenarticles or articlebase or associate content or any other allied website then, k2 will be the best choice for you. Even you can develop a huge Magazine website using these components.

Well, during the early days for an average Joomla webmaster it will be little difficult to work with K2, but definitely he or she will get the benefits of his hard work latter.

Article Factory Manager

The second most successful component used for developing powerful article directories is the Article Factory Manager component developed by Well, the beauty of this component lies in its simplicity. K2 is big and complicated but this one is extremely simple and user-friendly. Thus many webmasters prefer to use this component.

Some of its features

1. The component includes fantastic features for managing your contents.
2. It has the most simplified content submission system ever developed for Joomla.
3. Authors can review and re-submit their articles.
4. Quick content moderation system.
5. Powerful restricted groups, categories and section for restricted users.
6. Writers resources box
7. And many more options.

Azul My Blog Component

Another interesting component that is used my Joomla webmasters are Azul My Blog Component. Well, this is the simplest yet, the most powerful component I have ever seen. It includes many Ajax features for quick submission and moderation of articles. Moreover, it includes a number of features like:

1. Inbuilt image uploading and managing system.
2. Enhanced tagging system.
3. Video embedding features.
4. In build word counting system.
5. Pagination system.
6. Quick content search system.
7. RSS feeds
8. Powerful admin front end and backend.
9. It supports avatar system like SMF, Community Builder, Gravatar.
10. Robust community builder integration system
11. And etc

Although, there are other extensions available in the market but I found the above three, as the most influential components in our curso avanzado de joomla gratis community. However, here, a big questions bubble in my mind: – Is it possible to develop an article submission website without using any of the above-mentioned extensions? Well, definitely, it is possible to do so, but you will not be able to provide all the features in your website. But if you are a strong worshipper of simplicity then you may use the below given system for developing your next author based website.

Article Submission Website with Default Joomla

It’s extremely simple, just install default Joomla and make your website ready. Create menu, image or anything title “Submit Article”. Now create an article submission form using coffee cup and integrate it to your Joomla using an inline-frame. Now users can submit their articles using this form, and when they do so, the article will be emailed to your provided email id so that you can moderate it for publishing. Later on you can create and make a user account and send it to the personal email id of the author. This will enhance your personal relationship with your authors and contributors.

Although this system sounds a little bit odd, but I think, if you don’t have a big project in hand, then why to waste your value valuable time in developing robust feature, why not to go with the beauty of simplicity.

But on the other hand, if you want to really develop a potential website like the one you’re reading now, then you need to use customized version of one of the above mentioned extensions. But, unless and until you have a proper master plan for your next dream portal, don’t start anything.

To sum up, it could be conclude that Joomla is the most powerful content management system using which you can easily develop a robust website like ezenarticles, articlebase, associate content and etc. And for enhancing your features you may use either of K2 -The powerful content component for Joomla! Article Factory Manager, Azul My Blog Component or anything.

“The greatest Joomla extension is not availed inside Joomla extensions directory, rather it is abundantly available within our brains.”