Tips on Creating a Laptop Server for Web Hosting or Enhanced Home Network Streaming

How do I setup my laptop as a server? That is a question that more and more people are asking. This is probably because more people are choosing laptop more often than desktops for business. If you could have a laptop server then you could cut out cost for web hosting or simply enhance your home networking to support media streaming throughout your house. So what do you do if you have a laptop that you want to setup as a server?

Fortunately, server operating systems know no bounds. You can actually install a server operating system on a laptop. Since most laptops will have wireless adapters, your server will be able to operate wirelessly. In fact, if you have Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Business Edition then you will already have what you need. Both of these operating systems allow you to turn your laptop into a laptop server. If you need full support for your laptop server then you can also try out Windows Server 2008.

Contrary to popular belief, this laptop server will act just like a normal desktop server. Most people would ask questions about the lack of devices. Any extra devices that you need will have the option of using fire wire ports, USB ports, or eSATA ports. This will allow high speed data travel even among a laptop server. If you need more space then you can plug up external laptop hard drives. If you need more processing power then you can upgrade to a dual core or quad core laptop processor.

The real difference that you have to pay attention to when using a laptop server is that fact that laptops will not dissipate heat like desktop servers. This means you have to make sure that your laptop server is on a flat surface. You will have to occasionally check your laptop heatsink for a build up of dust. Failure to keep up a laptop server’s cooling system will mean that you will have a very short lived laptop server since servers are designed to be kept on for very long periods of time.

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